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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Kindle Fire Giveaway! Open Worldwide, Ends 9/14

  • Thursday, August 23, 2012
  • Wendy Lindsey
  • Wanna win a Kindle Fire? Giveaway Scoop and Tracky have you covered. Enter below for a chance to win!
    This awesome giveaway is hosted by:
    and co-hosted by Confessions of a Messy Mama
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    One randomly drawn winner will receive a Kindle Fire!! Open World Wide {if our winner resides outside the US the prize will be $200 paypal cash} Must be 18+ years of age to enter.
    Good Luck!!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. All opinions expressed here are our own. Gluten Free Felicity is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.
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    Thursday, August 16, 2012


    Nexus 7 Tablet Giveaway! US and Canada, Ends September 6th

  • Thursday, August 16, 2012
  • Wendy Lindsey
  • Gluten Free Felicity is proud to be participating in our second group giveaway! 
    This time around we've teamed up with Mom Powered Media and a great group of bloggers to offer one randomly drawn winner a Nexus 7 tablet! 

    This giveaway is open to both residents of the US and Canada, and will conclude on September 6th. Keep reading to learn more about the Nexus 7 Giveaway!

    Mom Powered Media proudly presents the Nexus 7 Giveaway!

    Nexus 7 Tablet
    • Thin, light and portable the Nexus 7 was built to bring you the best of Google in a slim, portable package that fits perfectly in your hand.
    • With a stunning 7" display the Nexus 7 brings your entertainment to life in stunning clarity on a vibrant 1280-by-800 high-resolution display protected by scratch resistant Corning glass.
    • With over one million pixels in your hand, text is sharper, HD movies are more vivid and gameplay is smooth and dynamic.
    • Less charging, more doing with over 9 hours of HD video playback, 10 hours of web browsing or 10 hours of e-reading and up to 300 hours of stand-by time, Nexus 7 is designed to go the distance. Whether you measure battery life in chapters read, levels completed, movies watched or minutes of backseat silence, you can spend less time charging and more time doing.
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    Wednesday, August 1, 2012


    My Turn to Give Away a Jar of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil!

  • Wednesday, August 1, 2012
  • Wendy Lindsey
  • Recently I shared a Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Giveaway with you, hosted by another blogger. I didn't win that one, did you? If not, don't despair! You have another opportunity... woohoo!

    Today I'm proud to announce it's me hosting a Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Giveaway! Thank you Tropical Traditions!

    That giveaway isn't here... but on a more established blog I manage. Hopefully once I've gained some momentum on Gluten Free Felicity, I'll be able to share awesome giveaways like this one right here!

    In the meantime, I hope you'll visit me over at The Homeschooling Blog to enter to win a 1 quart glass jar of Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil! There are so many uses for coconut oil. If you've never bought coconut oil, now is your chance to win a free jar so you can see what you've been missing.

    Just click the image to find the giveaway post. Thanks and good luck! Giveaway is open to US and Canada and will conclude on 8/14/12.

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    Free Blogger Event, Sign Up Now for Nexus 7 Giveaway Event

  • Wendy Lindsey
  • The Nexus 7 Giveaway Event hosted by Mom Powered Media

    Prize: Nexus 7 Tablet

    The event dates: 8/16 - 9/6

    Sign-Up Here – Bloggers Wanted

    Be sure to tell them Gluten Free Felicity sent you!

     Not a blogger? Want to win? Follow Gluten Free Felicity by email, twitter, and Facebook for your personal invitation to enter this exciting giveaway beginning August 16th!

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    Friday, July 27, 2012


    Are Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Citric Acid Made from Corn?

  • Friday, July 27, 2012
  • Wendy Lindsey
  • I did a bit of research tonight for my husband who swore to me I had been seriously misinformed about ascorbic acid and citric acid having any connection to corn. Unfortunately, my research backed my original source (which stated quite the opposite). That source lacked any explanation, which wasn't very helpful! lol

    Here are explanations for both that I found simple to comprehend:  

    Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)
    Rarely comes from natural sources, but rather synthesized from corn.
    "...about 99% of all C vitamin products on the market today are not natural vitamin C.  Instead, they are synthetically made ascorbic acid - or variations such as calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate or potassium ascorbate. Like many other vitamins sold today, this synthetic product has things missing from it. Despite marketing claims, these laboratory-produced powders like ascorbic acid are NOT natural C vitamin complexes - and far from it.  They are chemically synthesized molecules manufactured in a test tube and are often made from genetically modified corn sugar." -Healthy Vitamins RX

    Citric Acid
    Citric acid can be made from corn... but doesn't have to be. The only way to know if you're product contains citric acid derived from corn is to contact the manufacturer.
    "In 1893, C. Wehmer discovered Penicillium mold could produce citric acid from sugar. However, microbial production of citric acid did not become industrially important until World War I disrupted Italian citrus exports. In 1917, the American food chemist James Currie discovered certain strains of the mold Aspergillus niger could be efficient citric acid producers, and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer began industrial-level production using this technique two years later, followed by Citrique Belge in 1929.

    In this production technique, which is still the major industrial route to citric acid used today, cultures of A. niger are fed on a sucrose or glucose-containing medium to produce citric acid. The source of sugar is corn steep liquor, molasses, hydrolyzed corn starch or other inexpensive sugary solutions.[7] After the mold is filtered out of the resulting solution, citric acid is isolated by precipitating it with lime (calcium hydroxide) to yield calcium citrate salt, from which citric acid is regenerated by treatment with sulfuric acid."  -Wikipedia

    Interesting to say the least. So, when you see allergen information recommending those with an intolerance or allergy to corn avoid ascorbic acid or citric acid... now you know why!

    Not everyone on a corn-free diet mandated by health concerns reacts to citric acid or ascorbic acid, but if you're super sensitive, you just might. Be careful!

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    Tuesday, July 24, 2012


    Living Gluten Free... is Your Dog's Food Safe to Handle?

  • Tuesday, July 24, 2012
  • Wendy Lindsey
  • I started asking myself this question recently after coming across a post on a spectrum forum for moms of kids on the Autism Diet. The poster mentioned her daughter had been displaying what appeared to be marked regression (in behavior) after handling canned dog food. It was suggested that perhaps that canned food contained gluten. The poster couldn't recall any other exposure her child might have had with gluten over recent days.

    Given people living gluten free must not only consider the foods they eat, but also their shampoos, soaps, and even laundry detergent, it only makes sense that handling pet food could also pose problems.

    Today, I found a post published by another blogger addressing the same concerns... The Gluten Free Homemaker asks... "Is Your Dog Gluten Free?". I'm only guessing that most pets in the US, dog or otherwise, are not gluten free.

    Do you have a game plan for feeding Fido? Over the past week, we've not had our son feed the dog. Does this relieve my worries? Not completely. I can't tell you how ofter our Golden Retriever gives "J" big sloppy kisses across his face. It's a daily occurrence and I'm quite certain her tongue isn't just passing doggy saliva to his sweet face, but likely remnants of anything she's consumed in recent hours. What's a mom to do?

    I'm not going to "freak" at the moment. I'm simply lacking that kind of energy today. I'm not even going to ask that "J" not allow his dog to love on him, but I do need to think this one out. Do we start shopping for gluten free, corn free, casein free, soy free dog food? Is there such a thing? Will we need to start feeding our poochy from scratch too? Surely not! lol I'm going to have to quit my day job if it I have another special diet to contend with! Anyone want to pay me to work from home? heeehee

    Have I actually looked at her dog food bag? Not yet. She eats Science Diet, which is considered quality dog food, but there'd be no reason for a dog food company to avoid adding gluten... and in my son's case corn, to the mix. I'm guessing there'd be no casein? But... what do I know.

    If you've battled this concern with your own pets, what adjustments have you made to protect your gluten-free family member?

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    Monday, July 23, 2012


    Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Giveaway!

  • Monday, July 23, 2012
  • Wendy Lindsey
  • I am new to the world of coconut flours, milk, and oil, but over the past few weeks I've done quite a lot with all three! Given my son's new gluten free, casein free, soy free, and corn free diet, coconut has been a real life saver.

    I'm hoping to win a jar of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil from Growing Up Naturally In Home Childcare. You can enter too! Last year I was fortunate enough to win a bag of coconut flour from another blogger, who just so happened to be hosting a Tropical Traditions giveaway. We used that bag of coconut flour to make the most delicious gluten free brownies... so moist and scrumptious! The recipe for his new family favorite is on the back of the Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour bag.

    If you'd like a chance at winning the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil, be sure to enter here. Good luck to you and to me! Hopefully one of us will win!
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    Sunday, July 22, 2012


    Gluten Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Casein Free Fried Chicken Recipe

  • Sunday, July 22, 2012
  • Wendy Lindsey
  • I'm still working out the measurements for this recipe...  tonight was the first time I tried this combination of ingredients. I've been playing with fried chicken recipes for a couple weeks now, trying to find something my entire family likes and tonight I struck gold! Such a relief too... I'm beyond tired of making 2 versions of the same meal for my family.

    Even my pickiest eaters loved this recipe. It looks and tastes just like real fried chicken! What's more the recipe is super simple. 

    Before you go on... you'll notice the Perfect Pinch McCormick product contains salt, which is off limits to some with a corn restriction. We've not omitted regular table salt from our son's diet all together, but do try to use sea salt when preparing from scratch. You may be able to create a similar seasoning to that of McCormick's Perfect Pinch Original Chicken Seasoning if you're not able to consume table salt. I've included a screen shot of this product and it's list of ingredients.

    What you'll need:
    • Extra Light Olive Oil (good for frying)
    • Pop Chips (original, not flavored varieties) 
    • McCormick Perfect Pinch Chicken Seasoning (most McCormick brands aren't allergy safe, but this one seems to be free of corn, casein, gluten, and soy).
    • 10 Chicken tenders or 4 split chicken breasts
    • 1 Egg (beaten)
    • Black pepper
    I cut 4 chicken breasts in half, dipped them in egg and rolled them in a mixture of smashed Pop Chips and McCormick Perfect Pinch Chicken Seasoning.  You'll probably use about 2/3 bag of Pop Chips and perhaps 1 tsp of McCormick Perfect Pinch Chicken Seasoning. Smash the Pop Chips on a plate with the bottom of a drinking glass and mix together with the seasoning.

    Place the prepared chicken in a skillet with Extra Light Olive Oil already heated and ready for frying. Not too hot... I had the stove set at a medium heat. If the oil is jumping from your skillet, it's too hot.

    If desired, add a small amount of pepper to the chicken as it cooks. Turn the chicken over after about 3 minutes, and again 5 minutes later. Continue turning chicken every few minutes, cooking until you're happy with the color and texture. Your chicken should be crunchy on the outside and well cooked (no pink) on the inside.

    This is a recipe we'll be making again and soon! I'll post photos next time... in fact, I'll probably just edit this post when we make our next batch with photos and more exact measurements.

    If you're not familiar with Pop Chips, I recently discovered they're one of the only chips my son can have. Nearly everything is fried in corn oil! Pop Chips are the exception... however, the original flavor is the only variety of Pop Chip that doesn't contain something off limits for him. They sell Pop Chips in large bags at Costco, but I've also found regular sized bags at some grocers, and snack sized bags on
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    Corn Free Diet... My First Big Failure

  • Wendy Lindsey
  • Chalk it up to me being tired, stressed, human... take your pick, but tonight I made a major mistake when preparing dinner. My son who is gluten, casein, soy, and CORN free had corn tonight. Why? Because his mom put it on his plate.

    How does that happen? After all, I spend hours thinking about corn free meals, reading labels, looking up recipes, preparing foods from scratch, all in an attempt to insure I don't goof and give him something with a corn derivative, or soy, casein, or gluten. Never would I actually give him corn. I mean... you can see corn! It's not even hiding in a jar of pickles or jar of vanilla extract. It's yellow and shaped like corn, smells like corn, colored like corn... screaming "I'm Corn!" and yet this mom who has spent over $300 over the past 3 weeks replacing her son's food inventory with everything corn-free, served up vegetable medley for her son tonight with CORN. It was all natural... no artificial flavors or mystery ingredients, just corn in it's most purest form. Lovely.

    So, we're about to find out for sure what happens when my son eats corn. I pretty much already know. Last week he had corn and consequently 2 horrible days. The first worse than the second, but we're talking RAGE and tears. It was exhausting for him and for me. That time the corn came in the form of a Diet Coke. Yes... there are corn derivatives in Diet Coke. I totally  believe that soda contributed to the out of control boy who hit his sister in the face and tried to push me down the stairs.

    On July 4th he had A LOT of corn and had horrible gas all night long followed by two horrible days of bad behavior. The first day was high rage, the second weepy and anxious. That was when I started suspecting corn might be a problem.

    Here's my take away... a little advice I plan on putting into practice.... if you have someone in the house on a corn-free diet, don't have corn in the freezer. lol

    Here's how bad this is... today I prepared dairy free, gluten free, casein free, soy free, corn free butter from a recipe I found online. So... ok, I did so because the Earth Balance butter substitute we'd been using has a corn derivative in it. I spent quite a lot making the butter, which is mostly made from coconut oil and milk and then I gave my son corn. Wouldn't it have been funny if I'd placed that butter substitute on his corn? At least if I had, I might have realized what I was doing, or at least I'd like to think so.
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